Published! A board game for 2-6 players


This week, as I prepared to start re-writing my final chapters, and generally shuffle events about, I came across a recurring problem. I had an event that could only happen on a Sunday, and a wedding on the following Saturday, but only enough ‘action’ for 4 days. How could I fill that fifth day? Depending on the genre in which you write this may not be a problem, but in the crime genre every second counts.

I considered several options for keeping Judd away from work for one day, a burst abscess and emergency dental work? A national holiday for policemen? I decided a resource kit with answers for these sticky situations would be invaluable, and in the way of things ended up inventing a board game for writers.

Published! Is a board game for 2 – 6 players.

Each player selects a piece. The pieces are famous writers. In my illustration we have Virginia Wolf and Oscar Wilde.

There are three chapters. In each chapter you need to answer 6 correct answers before moving onto the next chapter. For each correct answer you receive a manuscript. The manuscripts are plastic and have little pegs in them. They stack together in the middle of the board and form a slush pile. The winner is the first writer to get to the top of the slush pile with a huge social media presence.

The chapters are:


Typical question: Point of View: Describe the difference between third person unified and subjective omniscient.


Typical question: You are pleased with the first line of your novel, but it sounds unnervingly familiar. Which novel may have influenced you?

Once there were four children, their names were Cyril, Bertie, Cressida and Bob.


Typical situation: Your name is similar to that of a well-known and successful author. You receive, in error, an invitation to read an excerpt from your latest novel at an international writer’s festival. Do you

  1. Return the invite with a polite note pointing out their mistake
  2. Say nothing, at least you’ll get your travel and entry fee paid.
  3. Brazen it out, even if it means being dragged kicking and screaming from the stage.

Along the way there are rewards and penalties:

You posted a blog even though you were holed up in bed with gastric flu? Reward: 3000 followers on Twitter.

You got drunk and vented on facebook how your short story was so much better than the winning entry in the BNZ KM Short Story Competition? Penalty: Lose 2000 facebook friends.

And on it goes.

More Imodium, anyone?

One thought on “Published! A board game for 2-6 players

  1. Love the artwork too Jane. Good job! Also, perhaps
    You just say ‘later that week ….’ Instead of the real time conundrum?

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